PU Overview


SVR Pre-University College, a premier educational institution in Bengaluru, was established in 2005. We are an integral part of the academic legacy of Prajwal Educational Society.

SVR PU College is a community of learners, thinkers, doers and change makers. SVR PU College strives in creating diverse, highly talented students who challenge each other to achieve their full potential and still remain as one family.

The ethos of the place is naturally conducive to the development of personal growth. A vibrant student body and a diverse teaching fraternity make for an ideal setting in evolving interpersonal and societal skills.

We follow the curriculum prescribed by the Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka for both I and II Pre-University courses. It is a Co-educational Pre-University College, offering courses in Science and Commerce. It also offers professional coaching for CET/IIT/JEE/NEET/COMED-K/CA-CPT.

Our History

SVR PU College, was established in 2005 under SVR Group of Institutions. Prajwal Educational Society believes that education is the catalyst to the growth and development of any society.

Today SVR PUC is a well-recognized educational institute with a reputation for high achieving alumni. Our holistic approach not only produces brilliant academic results – with ‘Ranks and Centums’ at the Board and various Entrance Exams; but also works to cultivate socially conscious individuals.

Our students go on to study at Ivy League Colleges, work for MNC’s, join the military, work for NGOs and create their own business and start-ups. SVR PU College is proud of all its students and we know that they will keep shining in whatever they choose to do, equipped as they are with a strong educational background and confidence in their abilities.