M. Com (Master of commerce)

M.Com programme is intended to develop teaching and research skills among students to create academic expertise suiting to contemporary needs of society.  Duration of the programme is two years. It nurtures research culture among students and has innovative courses like papers by research, collaborative research publication with a research mentor, social based micro project, industry internship, and teaching practice in BCom classes under the supervision of experienced faculty mentors. The third and fourth semesters offers electives in ‘Accounting and Taxation’ & ‘Banking and Insurance’. Students are also required to present & publish a research work in the second year. As a value addition- current affairs and journal club sessions are regularly conducted.

Transforming teaching as ‘a noble profession driven by passion’ is the need of the hour. It demands nurturing right Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Habits among budding academicians. Knowledge creation through research should be the mission of any higher education institution. Hence our MCom programme has the following objectives:

  • To create faculty of quality and competence in the subject areas of Commerce & Management
    • To inculcate research culture among students
    • To nurture personal, interpersonal and societal skills among students with a focus on Holistic Education

Programme Highlights:

Intense curriculum bridging the gap between theory and practice

Electives in Accounting & Taxation and Banking & Insurance

Teaching Practice in UG classes

Research Article Publication

Papers by Research

Current Affairs, Research Club and Activity Hours

Programme Outcome:

The MCom programme is intended to develop teaching and research talent in students and to create academic expertise suiting to contemporary needs of the society. The graduates of MCom are offered a rich exposure to the various dimensions of Business Research through the course’s innovative features like papers by research, industry internship and teaching practice in undergraduate classes under the supervision of faculty mentors. The third and fourth semesters offer electives in Accounting and Taxation & Banking & Insurance thereby enabling the graduates to excel in the respective branches of Commerce. The value-added activities such as Current affairs sessions and Journal club sessions nurture the graduates with contemporary knowledge and research skills.

Regular classroom lectures shall be accompanied by any other method, which the instructors find suitable to deliver better learning. Some suggested methods are:
• Case Studies
• Role Plays
• Seminars and Presentations
• Simulation Exercises
• Current Affairs Sessions relevant to the topic etc.

Assessment Methods
• Quiz Sessions
• Assignments
• Field study reports
• Periodic Tests
• Assessment of Class Participation in case studies and discussions
• Any other appropriate method identified by the instructor that would ensure objective assessment of the student performance.

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